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01. Interior design

The responsible, creative and motivated team of “RB Solutions” architects/designers is creating projects for public purposes across Europe for several years.
By maintaining a contemporary approach towards interior, the specialists of the company take care not only of the modern concept, but also the functionality of the interior, take into account the purpose and context of it, as well as the individual needs of the client.

The designers and architects of “RB Sotulions” can offer contemporary and optimum interior solutions for Your business by constantly learning and improving their skills.

02. Project management

By employing ten years of project management experience the specialists of “RB Solutions” smoothly organize projects and services, and most importantly – in stages clear to the client. By carefully evaluating all risks, calculating time and by taking the expectations of the client in every step.

The young and flexible specialists of the company are able to take care of a whole project or join the implementation of on-going projects. Come to a consultation – we will discuss the project and plan the smooth implementation of Your ideas.

The experienced specialist team of “RB Solutions” take care of everything:

  • Interior design
  • Construction works
  • Finishing works
  • Implementation of lighting solutions
  • Advertising work
  • Design and production of furniture of various design

03. Furniture design

“RB Solutions” has a strong, highly skilled team of designers, able to offer clients quality custom furniture design services.

Specialists of the company create and offer optimum furniture design solutions depending or your vision and expectations. And the company takes care of smooth project implementation management – from drawings to installation works.

Hand your problems over to the specialists of “RB Solutions”! They work so Your life and work would be more comfortable!

04. Manufacturing

We carry out furniture production in the reliable UAB “Riešės baldai” factory providing high quality guarantees. Therefore we can offer you not only exquisite design, but also exclusive attention to every detail, as well as a wide selection of furniture materials.
Dynamic growth and development helps UAB “Riešės baldai” continually analyse new furniture design concepts, therefore it can implement your exclusive projects fast and with high quality by using the modern custom furniture design provided by you or created in cooperation with us.


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