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Our experienced, creative, and motivated team has been developing both commercial and public interior projects across Europe for over a decade already.

By maintaining a contemporary approach towards interior, we take care not only of the modern concept, but also the functionality of the interior, consider its purpose and context, as well as the individual needs of the client.

Our Interior Design Services

Interior Consultation

Professional guidance and assistance for specific interior design concerns

In need of guidance on specific interior design elements such as space planning or lighting? Our team offers individualized interior design consultation services. This service is a smart option for those who have a clear idea of their desired interior design, are working with a design team, or even for those who have an in-house designer but require an additional source of inspiration, direction, and focus. Our consultation package is suitable for commercial properties, large-scale projects, or any interior space that requires professional advice and assistance on specific interior design issues.

Technical drawings

Professional technical design solutions for all interior spaces

Our team provides all necessary technical drawings for interior projects including:

Mood Boards

A collection of images that illustrate the concept of the planned interior, including the color palette, materials used, and overall vision of the space

An interior mood board is an effective method of showcasing initial concepts or abstract ideas to a client, and it also enables them to actively participate in the design process. We create concept boards using both materials provided by the client and information gathered by our team. These boards consist of a carefully curated selection of colors, materials, furniture, lighting, wallpaper, and other interior details that help to visualize the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the space. By using a mood board, clients can plan and create their own space with a clear direction, taking into account their time and budget constraints.


3D renderings for interior spaces

Having trouble envisioning your office or public space from sketches alone? Our team can assist you in creating visualizations of your desired area. 3D visualization is an effective way to form a clear picture of the future space, it serves as a guide in choosing furniture, colors, or other finishing materials. We highly recommend using 3D visualizations particularly for complex interior spaces, spaces furnished with various textures and shapes of furniture, or those with intricate finishing materials.

Project supervision

Complete oversight of the execution of the interior project

During the construction process, various questions and unforeseen issues may arise that cannot be anticipated during the design stage. To ensure that the work progresses smoothly, and that the intended cohesive design of the interior space is maintained, we recommend our Author’s supervision service of the interior design project. If you choose this service, our qualified specialists will provide comprehensive oversight of the project execution: visiting the construction site to ensure that work is carried out according to the agreed project, and that there are no undesirable deviations, overseeing the timely delivery of finishing materials, plumbing, furniture, lighting and other details by suppliers, advising on how to address and implement any new ideas or obstacles that may arise in a timely and efficient manner, communicating with the contractors working on the project, coordinating all structural and conceptual details with builders and furniture makers, resolving issues that may arise during the course of work, and ensuring that the best decisions are made to achieve the best results until the end of the interior design implementation and your final settlement.

Project Management

Entrust Your Project to Experienced Professionals!

“RB Solutions” is prepared to assist You throughout every stage of interior project management. Our skilled professionals boast extensive experience in managing projects of all sizes, complexities, and objectives. Our team approaches each project with careful consideration of risks, timing, and client’s expectations, ensuring a smooth and transparent process every step of the way.

Duties of our skilled project manager:
Project management: overseeing production and installation processes, monitoring performance
Communication with clients: advising clients on issues and providing optimal solutions
Communicating with architects/designers, suppliers, and project team
Creating commercial offers
Coordinating orders, negotiating prices and conditions of the order
Fulfilling contractual obligations, planning and achieving project deadlines
Sourcing and managing subcontractor agreements
Handling project sales
Coordinating logistics
Managing project documentation and financial payments
Directing the production of standard and custom furniture and interior elements

We believe that iconic design is a perfect blend of simplicity, aesthetics and functionality, achieved through the expert use of the finest materials

Interior design service packages

Our team of experienced architects and designers is ready to assist you through every phase of the interior design process. Whether it is managing the entire interior project, or seamlessly joining an ongoing project, we are here to guide you.

We invite You to review our interior project management service offerings or schedule a consultation, in which we can discuss Your project and plan the seamless execution of Your ideas

Conceptual interior design project

Interior design services such as room layout, collage creation, and 3D visualization are offered. Solutions for layout concerns, color schemes, materials, and overall interior style are provided.

from 5 Eur/m2

Technical interior design project

Technical drawings of the project are created based on the visualizations provided, which are essential for the craftspeople to carry out the construction work. These services cover the technical facets of interior design, such as the planning of wall demolition and construction, plumbing, electrical installation, lighting, ceiling installation, and other related tasks.

from 8 Eur/m2

Detailed interior design project

Our team of professionals provides comprehensive supervision for the entire development of the project by offering a package of technical drawings and visualizations. When You select our project supervision option, our experts will address any issues that arise during the construction process, ensure that the work aligns with the project vision agreed upon with You, and help to resolve problems faster and more efficiently.

from 20 Eur/m2

We are crafting a contemporary and optimal interior design for over a decade already

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Our interior design studio, which has been in operation for over a decade and is based in a heart of Lithuania – Vilnius, offers clients a comprehensive service package, including everything from initial concept to final completion, throughout Europe

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