The project relied on our creativity and innovation. The customer had only selected certain colors. The main requirements were excellent acoustics, a pleasing appearance, durability, and color coordination. The material used for the project was painted foam.
2020 December
RB Solutions
±30 m2
Giedrė Baltrūnaitė

While planning contemporary office space we always aim to create a well-thought-out working environment, so that the entire area is suitable for work. However, modern business premises are unimaginable without properly equipped acoustic (or otherwise silent) rooms – a functional solution that creates separate private zones when there is a need for a calm and quiet space, isolating from the usual office noise.

Have a look at the acoustic solutions installed in the office premises of “Hanner” – the real estate development leader in Lithuania. These solutions were carried out fully from the idea to its implementation by our – “RB Solution” – team of specialists for modern and functional design. For good acoustic interior comfort, a subtle, stylish, and long-lasting solution, high-class textured acoustic foam with excellent sound absorption properties was chosen with a strong raised relief, which was afterwards painted in the color desired by the client.

Properly designed office premises or other public spaces help employees establish social relations, improve information dissemination and assimilation, and directly influence the company’s work. Statistically, almost 70% of work meetings take place in groups of just a few people, thus, to achieve the best possible work results, a good sound insulation is simply necessary in every office. Innovative solutions and sound-absorbing materials used in acoustic workspaces ensure an acoustically pleasant environment for planned or spontaneous meetings, give employees a sense of privacy, and at the same time guarantee the necessary sound isolation from the outside, thus not disturbing other nearby employees or customers.

There can be a wide variety of acoustic solutions for offices – from panels or table partitions that create acoustic comfort, to completely soundproof silence rooms. The “RB Solutions” team always strives to design each work environment professionally, raising the quality of employees’ life. Contact us if you want to update your office space!

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