The main requests from the client were that the restaurant’s interior should feel warm and inviting, align with the oriental cuisine offered, and include a significant amount of greenery. Special attention was paid to designing a convenient food pick-up area. The tables were also designed to be welcoming and visually pleasing. A combination of different interior styles were selected, including urban, oriental, and modern. One of the difficulties faced was creating functional kitchen furniture, which included shelves, cushioned benches, open kitchen and bar furniture, and tables.
Restaurant / Cafe
2021 Autumn
RB Solutions
204 m2
Giedrė Baltrūnaitė

An Asian proverb says that it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. Thus, we kindly invite everyone, willing to get to know, taste and discover something new, to visit one of our projects – Pan-Asian style restaurant “Manga”, which opened in autumn 2021, in family attraction centre Vilnius Outlet. Restaurant “Manga” will undoubtedly allow You to travel to Southeast Asia and immerse Yourself in the exotic flavours of Far Eastern cuisine safely and easily.

A mixture of several interior design styles was chosen to create an all-encompassing look for this Pan-Asian restaurant, i.e.: urban design style – to suit the context of the shopping mall; oriental – so that the interior itself could easily convey for the visitors the type of cuisine offered inside the restaurant and create the desired mood; and contemporary – to combine and obscure the other two interior styles used. As a result, restaurant “Manga” remains a contemporary, yet cosy venue, abundant with natural materials – like wood, lush greenery, and patterns, found in nature, luring outlet visitors to come in for an exotic rendezvous with Southeast Asian cuisine.

Furniture Design was one of the most challenging parts while creating interior design for Pan-Asian restaurant “Manga”. During the modelling process of the furniture many inlets, decorations, as well as various functions required for the restaurant staff had to be planned and rendered respectively. Some of the furniture constructions were designed to be raised even up to the ceiling. Combining all this to assure the furniture will be both impeccably functional and aesthetically appealing at the end was a rather complex task, forcing our entire “RB Solutions” team to turn their heads fairly a lot.

Our long-standing partnership with “Riešės Baldai” has once again served quite a lot while implementing this “RB Solutions” project. Thanks to our partners, unique, made-to-order open kitchen and bar furniture, tables, shelves, and sofas have been designed and manufactured. Other partners who helped with the implementation of this interior:

  • Furniture panels from “Trukmė”
  • Textile from cloth manufacturer “Audėjas”
  • Textile from cloth manufacturer “Audėjas”

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