Sport club „Lemon Gym“

The project had the following requirements: high quality, fast completion, cost-effectiveness and adaptability. Difficulties such as transportation and installation of large mirrors were encountered, but were promptly resolved by the team. Materials used included black metal, panels and their connections at an angle, mirrors, hidden LED lighting, LED inscriptions, and colorful fabrics for upholstered furniture. Furniture produced included a reception table, a bar table, metal decor, armchairs, bar chairs, and a table next to the armchairs. A noteworthy aspect of the project was the installation of 30 m long mirrors, covering an area of 60 m2.
Public space
Linas Mackevičius
1400+ m2
Giedrė Baltrūnaitė

It is true that the right athletic apparel is necessary for good performance at sport and exercise, yet the workout environment is no less important to ensure that active leisure yields truly positive emotions. A high-quality, welcoming sports facility interior design may increase the energy, as well as the motivation itself for a sportsman.

With years of industry experience, our team of specialists – architects, interior designers, and engineers – has developed many commercial projects like sports clubs, swimming pools, hotels, wellness, and leisure centres. Every time, we aim not simply to meet the requirements of our clients, but, with the help of our extensive international experience, to exceed all the expectations for every single project.

Together with the interior designer Linas Mackevicius we developed “Lemon Gym” sports club project of more than 1,400 square meters. A modern, stylish, and comfortable interior for a sports fan of any age was created flexibly, promptly and, most importantly, ensuring high quality.

While realizing the innovative and bold interior of the “Lemon Gym” sports club, the goal was not only to perfect environment’s functionality, but also to emphasise its function as a dose of optimism for the club’s customers. The interior of the sports club should allow one to escape from everyday worries, inspire and motivate.

The visitors of the sports club are attracted by the contemporary industrial interior created with strong forms, sharp contrasts, and modern materials. To develop it, we used numerous metal decor details, as well as furniture, designed and manufactured by us; durable, abrasion resistant, contrasting yet put together harmonious finishing materials that create an overall positive atmosphere. The use of wood accents for the floor and some furniture pieces in an industrial-style interior was somewhat unexpected, yet it helped us to create a warmer, cosier, more inviting environment.

Special attention was paid to the lighting: it was purposefully planned, harmonizing different – task and accent – lighting groups; additionally hidden LED lighting in the mirrors and LED inscriptions on the walls were implemented.

Mirrors were another important interior element to enhance the design quotient of the sports club. Multiple large mirrors were used to realize the interior design of the “Lemon Gym” sports club. In total, even about 60 square meters of them were installed. Mirrors not only allow athletes to better control their movements and ensure that they are performed correctly, but also expand the sensation of space, reflect light.

Comfort is one of the key points, based on which the interior of the “Lemon Gym” sports club was created. A lot of attention was paid not only to the sports facilities, but also to the details of the dressing room. Sports club owners and interior designers often forget that the members of the sports club also want to feel safe and comfortable in this room. Stylish, spacious, well-lit changing areas with individual smaller and larger lockers were designed and implemented for “Lemon Gym” club visitors. All this undoubtedly contribute to the overall customer’s comfort and satisfaction with the sports club.

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