Kavos draugas

The challenge of this project was creating a new interior design concept that incorporated elements of the old shopping points while also providing a sense of renewal for the customer. This included arranging specific goods on shelves, selecting plants and accessories, and designing specific shelves. High-quality visualizations were important to effectively reflect all the elements and their placement in the retail space. Careful consideration was given to selecting colors and materials, such as tapestry, black metal, LMDP, MDF, and LED lighting, that would not further clutter the space, but would showcase and highlight the goods. The final product included islands, reception area, trade stands, metal pots and shelves.
2021 Autumn
RB Solutions
120 m2
Giedrė Baltrūnaitė

Freshly “roasted” and flavoured with high-quality coffee “RB Solutions” Project. Once the year ends, we are always reviewing our works. One of them is the new “Kavos draugas” interior concept, implemented in 2021 autumn. Although full of challenges, this project is one of the most memorable for the whole “RB Solutions” team! After all, despite the difficulties that must be faced, every professional interior designer is really interested in playing with the colours and textures of the interior, trade stands, shelves, choosing accessories or even plants and designing everything into a whole, that allows to further distinguish such gorgeous products for real coffee gourmets.

Unique trade stands, shelves, displays, reception tables, metal flowerpots were created for the interior together with our partners – “Riešės Baldai”. Additionally, we have picked the Grace soft furniture collection items – sofa and armchairs – from our directly represented famous Polish manufacturer of innovative and functional office furniture “MDD”. Other interior elements of our directly represented furniture manufacturers have been matched to the latter: an elegant, distinctively shaped “Musette” side table made by the Dutch company “DeVorm” and the modern “Icon” table with conical base made by the Italian company “Pedrali”.

P.S. We are very happy with this one more successfully implemented interior project for a trading company. At the same time, we can be proud that now, after the completion of this project, our whole team knows even more about high-quality coffee itself and its accessories too, which are extremely important and inseparable in both private and public interiors lately. We are extremely grateful to “Kavos draugas” team for that!

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