Paupio turgus

The project prioritized quality, durability, ergonomics, and the ability to withstand high foot traffic. To achieve this, various furniture samples were created to ensure the optimal balance of ergonomics, materials, and comfort. The client had provided only visual references, and we had to manage all the construction and materials aspects independently in order to match the provided visual. The materials used for the furniture include solid oak for wooden chairs, durable fabrics, different types of foam, painted MDF and steel for chairs, and custom-made metal curtains fabricated in China. We manufactured wooden and metal armchairs, wooden table tops, chairs and sofas, and custom-made metal curtains.
Restaurant / Cafe
2021 Summer
Rytis Mikulionis
2000 m2
Giedrė Baltrūnaitė

In late spring of 2021, a new place for meetings and good food – Paupio Turgus – opened its doors in the newly revived Paupys district of the old town of Vilnius. The interior of the market with an area of nearly 2,000 square meters was designed by the architect Rytis Mikulionis, while the implementation of the interior itself was handled also by our – “RB Solutions” – team.

Industrial style buildings with a lot of metal, glass and winter gardens were very common in various European capitals at the end of the 19th century. After seeing certain similarities with the Paupio turgus’ architecture, it was decided to follow this historical example and establish a real winter garden in the new food hall. Today Paupio turgus visitors are delighted by the incredible thriving 1,300 plant-filled environment!

In order to create a cozy and delightful gastronomic environment, our team sought to meet the extremely high requirements for the quality, durability, and ergonomics of the finishing materials used in the interior. Solid oak, painted MDF, and black steel were used to make the wooden chairs and tabletops; for upholstered furniture (chairs, armchairs, and sofas) resistant fabrics and several types of milled foam, which retain their shape extremely well, were selected; metal curtains were custom made for this project in China.

Great attention was paid to the interior details themselves. Since our team was given only visual information of the interior, we ourselves had to deal with all the constructive, material aspects to get an identical image in the presented visualizations. In order to harmonize the ergonomics, materials, and comfort of the custom furniture we created especially for the Paupio turgus, we even made several furniture samples. Unlike in other similar places, in this one of the largest food halls in Lithuania, we tried to combine very different seating areas – there are high tables, lounge chairs, and comfortable sofas in the bay windows.

Paupios turgus is a modern interpretation of the market. In its heart – the atrium – you can comfortably sit down, drink coffee, taste dishes from around the world or buy selected food products to take home, be part of the events taking place here. Almost two dozen restaurants await visitors here: from well-known restaurants that already have a considerable amount of loyal customers, such as “Druska Miltai Vanduo” or the legendary “Chačapuri”, but also newcomers who allow you to taste new flavors: “La Paella”, “Mollusca”, “Yakitori Grill”, …

Various fresh food shops (such as “Itališko skonio gurmanai”, “Ekomarket” or “Žuvies Paštas”) operate in the merchant area, where you can buy fresh bread, good meat, fish, dairy products, organic vegetables and other goodies from local farmers, quality olive oil and Italian delicacies.

In just the first year, one of the most stylish places to eat in Vilnius was visited by almost 1.5 million people. One should come here to get new experiences and collect various sensory pleasures. Not for nothing they say that the best things happen while eating 😉

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