Širvintos sports complex

The project placed emphasis on modernity, aesthetics, functionality, and contemporariness. Particular attention was given to ergonomics and the functional use of the space while keeping in mind that the location would experience heavy foot traffic and the materials used should be able to withstand it. The materials used included painted MDF, metallic surfaces, artificial plants, and three-dimensional illuminated letters. The furniture produced includes a bar, a reception desk, lamps, and others. The project was carried out in close collaboration with the mayor of Širvintos, who gave us complete trust and support throughout the process, allowing for creative freedom.
Public space
2019 Autumn
RB Solutions
242 m2
Giedrė Baltrūnaitė

In autumn 2019, the construction of the Širvintos sports complex was finalized. A year later, a swimming pool with saunas, whirlpool, changing rooms, and showers were completed and opened to the centre visitors too. We are glad that our interior design team – “RB Solutions” – was chosen to contribute to the works of this new sports complex.

The name of the city Širvintos has been well known in the Lithuanian sports community for many decades. Since 2015, when Živilė Pinskuvienė was first elected as the mayor of the Širvintos district municipality, she together with the whole team formed, developed, and consistently pursued the vision that Širvintos should be an open, active, and sporty city. Considering the needs of the society, to promote an active and healthy lifestyle of the residents of the district and to achieve high sports results, the project of the new sports complex was born.

With years of industry experience, our team of specialists – architects, interior designers, and engineers – has developed many commercial projects like sports clubs, swimming pools, hotels, wellness, and leisure centres. Every time, we aim not simply to meet the requirements of our clients, but, with the help of our extensive international experience, to exceed all the expectations for every single project. We coordinated the Širvintos sports complex project together with the city mayor herself, to whom we are extremely grateful for the granted trust and creative freedom.

While designing the interior for a modern and aesthetic sports complex, we tried to ensure the ergonomics of the space and its practicality – both essential requirements for places with extremely high traffic. To create the interior, we used painted MDF, metallized surfaces, artificial plants, three-dimensional illuminated letters… In addition to the furniture and interior elements we designed and made together with our long-term partner “Riešės Baldai”, for the bar, reception, and lounge areas, we also picked few upholstered benches of our directly represented famous furniture manufacturer “VANK”.

The renewed city sports space was a long-awaited celebration for all active lifestyle lovers. Today, the Širvintos sports complex motivates not only the residents of Širvintos, but also the neighbours to actively do sports and spend quality leisure time. More, the city itself has even greater opportunities to invite neighbours, organize sports tournaments and competitions both on a Lithuanian and international scale.

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