The project aimed at a balance between quick completion and cost-efficiency. To achieve this, particular attention was given to ensuring the stability of the structures and their secure attachments to the ceiling. Additionally, the use of brass was highlighted as an accent in the interior design.
2021 September
±450 m2
Giedrė Baltrūnaitė

RB Solution team of specialists for modern and functional design has already contributed to many concept development, interior design and installation projects for commercial areas and shops in Lithuania and other European countries. Some of them were truly challenging. For instance, to install the leading luxury goods store in the Baltic States – “Tops!” –, which sells more than 100 world-renowned luxury brands, in the heart of Vilnius Oldtown we only had a few months.

Efforts were made to adapt the concept of the store previously located in the same premises to the new store as much as possible by establishing new structures. Together with our long-term partners “Riešės Baldai”, we produced commercial furniture and other custom interior elements based on the updated store design. As usual, many different materials are used for such items production: LMD furniture panels, MDF, plywood or wood for structures, tempered glass for exposition, lighting systems, metal (brass was one of the main highlights of this project), etc., which are afterwards combined into one furniture complex.

This is where almost the biggest challenge lies – to coordinate many different materials with each other, to implement the project in such a way that it has an attractive design and, at the same time, is as functional as possible, i.e., accommodates the desired amount of production; makes the products easily visible to the customer; ensures that all areas are functional, properly lit, etc. We try to implement all these and other requirements responsibly, choosing non-standard and even bold interior solutions, every time we design commercial areas and shops or produce furniture for that purpose.

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