Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum

The primary objective for this project was to complete it swiftly. The order was received in November, and by December the installation had already begun. One of the challenges faced was the holiday season, as it required accelerating both the production and installation processes to ensure that everything was completed by the end of the year.
Public space
2020 December
±2000 m2
Giedrė Baltrūnaitė

Among many realized private and public interior design projects, our team of specialists – architects, interior designers, and engineers – can boast of the completed museum renovation project. Preparing for the 85th foundation anniversary of the Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum in 2021, the Lithuanian literature history exhibition space was renovated. The opportunity to contribute to these works was not only an important recognition for our team, but at the same time, it was also quite a challenge, as only a two-month holiday period was allocated for the production and installation of interior details and furniture.

One of the goals of the renewed exhibition was to introduce the classics of Lithuanian literature, their works, to surprise the visitor, to inspire, to create a sense of pride in their creators and nation itself. Apart from the interesting original exhibits and texts, modern technologies were used to help to effectively tell stories and create experiences for the museum visitors. The primary and main idea of the creators of the exposition was to depict Lithuanian literature (from Martynas Mažvydas’ first Lithuanian book – Catechism to the works of Lithuanian emigrants) like a garden, thus the green color and its shades were chosen as dominant for the space.

As the American artist, illustrator, and writer Maira Kalman once said, “a visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth, and meaning in our lives.” Plan a visit to the museum as often as you can.

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