Cost was the main consideration for this project. The use of velvet gives the interior a sense of luxury and elegance. The project included the production of upholstered furniture, and advertising stands. The project was developed according to the guidelines set by the Scholler brandbook.
Restaurant / Cafe
2021 May
RB Solutions
75 m2
Giedrė Baltrūnaitė

It’s undeniable that ice cream shops are universal happy place, as you can always count on finding an ice cream flavour to satisfy that sweet tooth. Ice cream makers are not only letting their imaginations run wild with flavour creation, but they’re taking the same approach to their shop design, as well.

Here, we bring you the scoop on one of the most deliciously designed ice-cream parlours in Lithuania, which was implemented by our team of interior specialists. Located in Kaunas, this project was based on three fundamental premises: a reduced budget, the development of a recognizable “Schöller” brand image, and a limited execution time.

Working with a tight budget, the materials became the focus of the project. Through an iterative design process of simplification and standardization, the sizing and coordination of the materials was key in providing a high-quality experience.

The design mission was to create an otherworldly gelato shop that marks a departure from the constraints and stresses of life just beyond its doors. Our team was excited to create a welcoming, family-friendly space inspired by “Schöller” brand identity elements and a carefully considered mix of materials. The shop invited visitors to take part in a sensory experience informed by contrasting colours and geometric forms. Gelato was served among signature blue-hued ceiling and walls. All gelateria’s interior elements and furniture were designed and manufactured especially for this project together with our long-term partner “Riešės Baldai”.

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